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Winter’s Morning: Short Fiction

Winter’s Morning: Short Fiction

Winter’s Morning: Background

This is a very quick scene based on a simple writing exercise in which I wrote down the first things that came to mind when I pictured a particular scene. It is similar to the concept of “freewriting” in that I wrote down everything that came to mind as the scene played out in my head. It is not currently part of any larger work.

Winter’s Morning

Just another day. A cold winter’s morning, lingering marks of frost on the ground giving them white streaks. I’ve already taken my position, watching, waiting. Should have worn a warmer coat, can’t be shivering now.

The wind blows the dead, crisp leaves quietly and clumsily along the ground. The crowd is forming, the sound of incoherent chattering emanates from them. Expressions of joy, laughing, smiling, they’re looking forward to the day. How unfortunate. I continue waiting, a little itch behind my ear. I scratch it only for an itch behind the other ear to form. Damn cold. Tops of my ears feel like ice. The crowd below continues to grow bigger, the noise they make grows louder, and the coldness of winter is ever present.

A sudden breeze blows someone’s hat off; they fumble around among the gathered masses trying to recapture it. The music gets louder; the crowd turn to face the stand. He’s here. A cheer goes up. He waves, grinning as he does it. He won’t be smiling long. I know what you did and so do the people who hired me. I’m doing this one gratis. He takes to the podium, the music stops. He begins his speech. Family values? Give me a fucking break.

I take my rifle, and look down the scope. My finger moves to the trigger, and my other hand holds the rifle steady at the nose. It’s silenced, so that’ll give me time but I want him to feel it; I want him to feel the fear she felt. I train my scope right between his eyes. The perfect shot. My trigger finger stiffens. His guards gormlessly look around. I see their guns, but they’re too busy trying to look tough. They don’t think anything’s going to happen. They don’t even know I’m here. One, two, I’ve come for you.

I flick on my laser sight. I don’t need it, but I want him to see it. It turns on, he catches it in his eye as it so delicately dances on his head. I see it, that quick look of fear, the crowd oblivious as he trips over his words, but now they know. One gentle squeeze and he falls forward, landing on his podium which gives way and his lifeless body ends up in the crowd. Good riddance. The crowd yell in horror, people crying, dispersing quickly. Scared for their own lives. I’m sorry for them. They shouldn’t have had to see this. But that’s for that girl, you sick fuck.


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