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One Rule for Another

One Rule for Another

One Rule for Another is the first of several planned episodic short-stories set in the Dawn’s Light universe.

After a colonial security employee is taken aboard a myraxxin vessel, Commander Stephanie Naylor of the UEN’s Security and Intelligence Task Force is ordered to investigate whether the UEN have a traitor in their midst.

For the experienced veteran of the Encroachment War boarding the alien vessel was the easy part.

Now Naylor, along with unit newcomer, Mathias ‘Kitch’ Kirchleitner, must discover the reason Malone Bryson dared to venture outside the highly secured Blue Zone. For Kitch, this will be a lesson he won’t soon forget as he is fully initiated into the questionable morality of a military special forces unit not bound by most human laws. There’s one rule for them, and one rule for another.

One Rule for Another takes place between the events of Lone Wolf and Lunar Eclipse. It serves to relate the tales of how characters came to be. After all, we are all but the sum of our experiences.

One Rule for Another is available on Kindle via Amazon stores worldwide. A link to the UK version can be found in the Store.

One Rule for Another is also now available as part of the Before the Dawn’s Light short-story compilation.

Stephanie Naylor artwork provided by Kirsten Shiel.


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