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Final Entry: The Black Siren

Final Entry: The Black Siren

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FAO: Lieutenant Giulani Moretto, Favalia PD

Hey Morry,

Hope you’re doing well over there! What’s it been now? Ten years since you transferred?

Got something you might wanna take a look at. Some crunk junkie got clipped out here couple of weeks back. We got the perp. Argument over a shuttlecar loan!

Found this on a datapad he had. Can’t tell whether he intended it as a diary entry or whether he was planning to send it to someone. Might just be usual paranoia these dipshits end up with but figured I’d pass it on.

Give my love to the wife and kids,

Jennifer Taylor, Thesta Colonial Security Unit

Attached: Datapad Entry #137

They’ll never believe me. Nobody will. Or maybe it’s that they don’t want to believe? Maybe they can’t? If you get my drift? Anyway, I know. I saw her! I saw her as clear as the stars in the sky on a summer night.

They say she’s a rumour, a myth. A convenient scapegoat, you know? Something to keep people in-line. I’ve heard it a dozen or more times. Some guy steps out of line, does something he’s not s’posed to and bam! The Black Siren puts him down. That’s what happened to Sparky, Georgie and Nissha.

Didn’t believe it myself for a long time. No reason to. There’s no boogeyman… or woman out there. Just people using her name to scare the rest of us. Kinda like God, when you think about it! It works too! Don’t matter if you’re running a whorehouse in the back alleys of Thesta or some weapons operation in the Barnell Rim, her rep is everywhere. Spreads like a bout of mylaran flu.

But no, I saw her! I know she’s real. Gabbian sold some of the supply to a couple of kids. They got sick. Real sick. Stupid fuck. Was gonna grab a fix from the warehouse but that boring old woman from over the way held me up bitching about something. Could kiss her now, mind! Arrived just in time. Saw her and a few others. A skinny looking guy and another woman. But the one in the middle… she was dressed in black. Had long black hair. Kinda hot, actually.

She was talking with Gabbian. Didn’t get close enough to hear what she said to him. And then that was it. The other woman pulled a gun and shot the poor fucker right in the head. End of. They used some sort of vapourising charge on him after that. One long flash of blue and then they left.

I held back until I was sure they were all gone. Just caught a name – Anthemusa – as they walked off. Looked it up on the GalNet. It’s some club on Favalia. Bet there’s some money for that bit of info, right?

By the time I went over to Gabbian, there was nothing. Wouldn’t have even known he ever existed. He was gone.

Yeah, it’s her. I know it. Who else could it be? The Black Siren is fucking real and I know where to find her.

RE: FAO Lieutenant Giulani Moretto, Favalia PD

Hey Jen,

Yeah, about ten years! Time does fly!

Thanks for sending this over. Not sure there’s much to look at.

Like you say, probably just some paranoid rantings. We know Anthemusa well. Nothing to worry about there.

Will send your wishes to the family! Very kind.

Giuliani Moretto, Favalia Police Department


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