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Updates on Recent Projects

Updates on Recent Projects

The Pendant

A few years ago, I wrote a short story entitled, The Pendant. The origin of that story was a piece of flash fiction written from a writing prompt. Originally, the tale was somewhat different, involving the old man handing the girl a gun and the girl refusing to do anything with it.

During discussions with a friend about possibly working on a short-film together, I came up with the ideas present in the short story. As we didn’t progress with the short film, I then crafted my thoughts into the story that is posted on this site.

My friend has now adapted my original idea into a short film script of his own and is proceeding to shoot it at some point this year. From what I can tell, his version of the tale differs substantially to my original idea, and I’m quite excited to see what he’s come up with. We’ll be meeting up next month when he’ll be sharing some of his storyboards with me.

Cult Reviews

Some the reviews I’ve posted to this site have also been published on the website Over the past year or so, that site has become quiet. The site owner, who happens to be the man turning my idea into a short film, have been discussing revamping and relaunching the site at some point this year. We have a few ideas in mind for how to proceed with this, regarding layout and design philosophy.

All being well, Cult Reviews should be back with a bang in the not too distant future!

When Animals Attack!

As you may know, I previously contributed essays to horror film review compilations Horror 101 and Hidden Horror. Shortly before Christmas, author Vanessa Morgan, published When Animals Attack!

This book, again, is a collection of essays. As the name suggests, the focus is on animal horror. I have also contributed an essay to this book, which is available now on Amazon. I highly recommend checking it out, as there are some fantastic, insightful pieces of writing in there.

Dawn’s Light

Yes, Dawn’s Light is still happening. I have now written nineteen chapters of Lunar Eclipse, and have thoroughly revised and edited around a third of Lone Wolf. It is still quite a slog, but with the help of some writing tools (reviewed here), I think I’m getting there.

I’m currently in the process of redesigning the Dawn’s Light website homepage. There is some teaser content available on there in the News and Lore sections.


I mentioned in a previous post that I intended to adapt my short story/screenplay Sunset Over Katharl into a novel series of its own (with the eponymous city retitled to Kartharl). This year’s BBC Writersroom submission was a pilot episode of my reimagined Kartharl story, and I’m currently in the process of using Scapple to plot the story.

Competition is fierce in BBC Writersroom, so I’m not expecting much there. However, I’m all for giving things a go when there’s nothing to lose. Once the first two Dawn’s Light books are finished, my plan is to begin the first novel in the Kartharl series (unless the BBC has commissioned it, of course!).

I am hoping that everything I’ve learned from Dawn’s Light will help me hit the ground running with Kartharl. We shall see!


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