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New Site Live and Plans for 2017

New Site Live and Plans for 2017

Relaunching and Rebranding

As I mentioned in a previous post, this site is the replacement for my old Vacant Page website. That site has now been taken offline.

I started Vacant Page several years ago on Blogspot. It was originally intended as a student blog while I was studying with the Open University. Over time, I grew tired of the limited layout options and moved over to a self-hosted WordPress site. It was this site which became TVP went through several design overhauls over the years, as I grew more accustomed to WordPress.

Visitors to Vacant Page will have noticed that I hadn’t updated it in some time. I’ve never been the most active blogger and keeping Vacant Page updated became an afterthought. Hence, I decided to ditch it and start anew. Much of the content from the old site has been imported to this new one. I’m still deciding on whether to re-post or ditch some old articles.

From The Vacant Page to C. John Archer

Having progressed with my Dawn’s Light novel series, I’ve decided it is time to reboot my web presence. Over the past few years, I’ve had some success with my writing. I’m now published in three separate horror movie review books – the most recent being When Animals Attack, edited by Vanessa Morgan. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have a short film made. In addition, I have self-published a collection of short stories set in my Dawn’s Light universe. A kind of literary starter before the main course.

Looking Forward to 2017

For 2017, I have some big plans.

My first full Dawn’s Light novel, Lone Wolf, should be released within the first half of the year. I am hoping to make significant progress on the second novel, Lunar Eclipse. Some of you may have read my short story, Sunset Over Kartharl. I’ve started to put the pieces together to develop that simple idea into another novel series. Hopefully, I will make a start on that this year.

New Year, New Focus

I also want to regularly start updating this website, as well as my site over at Whether I will succeed or not is another matter, but it’s my firm intention to update both sites once per week. Here at, the content will be mixed – film reviews, opinion pieces, updates on my writing and hopefully the odd short story or two. Although Dawn’s Light is very much underway, I am considering a series of posts on the development of my “Kartharl” storyline.

We shall see, but on a personal note, I want to make 2017 the year when I make great strides – both as a writer, but also on a personal level.

Thank you to those who join me on this journey.


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